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Z-Optics is devoted in photon technology for more than ten years. We have an optics factory in Jiangxi and laser products factory in Zhejiang, aimming at providing qualified products with competitive products for customers.   Our products are widely used in research, survey, medical, entertainment, telecom, lighting fields.

Our famous customers include Microsoft, Samsung, Luminus Devices...

As a high-tech company focusing on laser related fields, we welcome any kind of cooperation in R&D, OEM production, design services to our customers.

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Various LED LENS are availble

• Large stock for quick delivery.
• Low cost, high volume production.
• ISO9001-2008, Rohs Certificated
• Any optical glass. Such as BK7....
• Size: <1mm ~ 16mm
• Adopted by Cree, Philips, Luminus Devices, Samsung...

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